“Oliveira has been awesome to work with.  They have always responded quickly to issues, supported our staff with new hardware or software and answering questions in a supportive, friendly manner.  I counted on them to provide results for day to day operations and special projects.  Well done Oliveira.”
Joe Paulo
Director of Broadcasting
New Life 91.9 WRCM  &  89.7 WMHK

Oliveira, LLC provides the business owners and senior management the security in knowing their infrastructure is running a peak performance, with the highest level of security, enforceable policies and with the proper IT personnel in place.

Senior management and owners can concentrate on the art of running their business knowing their required internal support is true.

Our service platforms are structured to give the client the maximum services as required and designed by them.  The client designs the service level which best meets their individual need.

Typically, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is on a recurring monthly basis with a guaranteed time of on-site and remote assistance as well as emergency services.  SLAs will vary in content and requirements as each are tailored and no two are alike.


  • Efficiency – getting the maximum output of internal assets
  • Security – safeguarding client information and that of their customers
  • Policy – defining and enforcing personnel use of company assets
  • Intrusion – putting technology barriers in place from unwanted intrusion attempts.
  • Marketing – having Oliveira, LLC as a provide/partner demonstrates to  the client community their commitment of meeting the demands of their respective industry as well as giving their customers peace of mind.
  • VALUE – meeting the technology needs and maximizing the company resources.